E-learning is becoming increasing popular in companies and also in higher education, with training programs in office IT tools topping the list. E-learning offers many advantages, both from an organizational point of view as well as for students and teachers.

The choice of an e-learning solution depends on a number of factors. For example, the solution selected should be adapted to:

  • The number of students involved in the training program
  • The IT tools that already in place; the solution should be easy to integrate into the existing IT platform (e-learning and/or administration platform, virtual campus …)

The e-learning tools should be accessible 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. For this reason, the choice of a full web solution is highly recommended.

It is critical that the teaching staff be supportive of the decision to implement a tool of this type. For many teachers, there are significant advantages to the system: personalized and individualized training courses and evaluation programs, plus the opportunity to teach students of different levels. Teachers continue to play their role as instructors and also become coaches and tutors, as they are able to closely monitor students’ progress and level of attentiveness.

For students, e-learning provides greater flexibility of access. It also allows them to benefit from specialized and customized training programs, which are MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certified, a major asset for their future careers.