Summer equals sun, school holidays, fun outings and cold drinks. In most companies, business slows down a bit too during the summer period.

So then, does it still make sense to recruit candidates if heaps of people are off on holiday? Absolutely!

Here are five reasons to continue your recruitment efforts throughout the summer.

1. More time

Now, this is a luxury in recruitment life you won’t often get to enjoy; having the time to do your job. Benefit from the fact that potential candidates probably have more time and hence are easier to approach. Use the summer period to create (or expand) your talent pool before the recruitment madness kicks off again in September.

2. More visibility

Many companies are less active during the summer making it an ideal time to create more visibility for your job openings. If you want to boost your recruitment marketing efforts, this is the moment to do so as prices will be lower and it will help you get (far) ahead of the competition.

3. Passive candidates become active

Even people who love their job can get bored during the summer and start thinking about the future. Keep an eye out for candidates who update their profile; this can be a sign that they are open to new opportunities and want you to get in touch with them.

4. Plenty of graduates

While some graduates will undoubtedly immediately find a job once they graduate, others will use the summer period to find their perfect first job. Use this to your advantage by reaching out to these super motivated, freshly graduated candidates who can’t wait to impress their very first employer.

5. Review your recruitment process

Hiring people during summer means not everyone starts on the first of September. This gives hiring managers some air – and you the opportunity to plan a meeting with them to review and optimize the recruitment process and hiring strategy.

On a final note

So yes, business tends to be a little slower during summer and yes, many candidates are on holiday. But at the same time, it’s the ideal period to find that perfect future employee.


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