E-learning is taking on a role in the world’s leading universities and international schools that goes beyond simple online access to courses. Far from being detrimental to the reputation of these establishments, the virtual classrooms that have been put into place have cut participation costs, enlarged audiences and enhanced their brand image.

Students nowadays are a particularly mobile population with very different needs. Distance learning permits the setting up of customized study programs. Students can benefit from all the school’s teaching tools, thanks to easy 24/7 Internet access, while away on internships or studying abroad.

The virtual campus includes special programs for basic training or continuing education covering the entire curriculum. The administration platform enables teachers to monitor individual student results, the time spent, and adapt the programs accordingly.

Following the example in leading schools, e-learning content is now being offered in the so-called “closed” subjects (office automation, mathematics, finance…) as well as in open ones (management, HR, research, languages…).

The system is also being extended to distance learning offers shared by several large European universities. The e-LERU virtual campus brings together eight universities that are members of LERU (League of European Research Universities) and includes first-rate distance learning modules that are taken into account in the degrees offered by the partner schools. The aim is to enhance the value of each of the partner university programs, and to highlight their strengths, specificities and complementary aspects.

Some examples
University of Geneva
e-LERU Project