Wonderleon is a initiative launched in May 2015 by a dozen of scaleups aiming at making recruitment in tech easier. It is now a a real recruitment program to boost the European tech ecosystem’s attractiveness to high level international talent looking for their next move.

Today, the program focuses on three main objectives:

  1. Featuring top jobs
  2. Welcome and logistical support for “Leon”
  3. Communicating internationally

But who is Leon?

He or she is a challenging professional in search of discovery and opportunity all around the world. Having already worked in innovative, dynamic and aspiring companies internationally, he or she has been enriched with global experience and vision and has sparked a change in culture. Today, he or she is looking for the next move and considers European Tech as the natural evolution of his/her career. He or she wants to join an innovative European company in a worldwide office to take part in the next wave of innovation.

So, why should you hire Leon? Talentsoft and Wonderleon partnered to offer you all the answers you’re looking for in the infographic below!

Credits: Gables Cinema