What is your biggest challenge as an HR professional at the moment? Does it have to do with critical capabilities, functional performance, talent acquisition, succession planning, leadership or culture? Whatever the answer to this question is, there is a good chance People Analytics can help.  

People Analytics, also referred to as Talent Analytics, HR Analytics or Workforce Analytics, is the use of people-data in analytical processes to solve business problems. It is about shifting from an intuition and experienced-based approach to a data-based approach.  

In 2018, we published an Ebook on the importance of Developing a Data-Driven Mindset for HR. This new Ebook goes a step further, providing practical advice on how to implement People Analytics in your organization based on learnings from seasoned analytics users and experts.  

It looks at the value of People Analytics, and in particular how it can help HR teams better identify drivers of performance and pain points, reveal hidden trends, make informed decisions and build business cases. People Analytics is an enabler allowing HR to play a more strategic role and earn a seat at the table as a true business partner and advisor.  

It explores how you can leverage People Analytics in four critical areas: Talent Acquisition, Learning, Performance & Development and Workforce Planning. For each of these areas, you will learn how People Analytics can support HR teams in improving their performance and obtaining better outcomes. 

For example, do you know where bottlenecks in your hiring process are happening? Can you single out the factors which contribute the most to employee performance and engagement? Which individuals and/or teams are potentially at risk of leaving your organization? With People Analytics, you will be able to respond precisely to these questions and build robust action plans based on insights in order to make a positive impact on the business.  

It also discusses the critical success factors which need to be considered when implementing People Analytics: senior-management leadership, team training, data security and transparency. These will ensure People Analytics is a strategic, valuable, compliant and well-accepted tool providing tangible benefits for the business and for employees.  

Are you ready to embrace the people-data revolution and obtain better insights for better decisions? Download our Ebook today. 


A few facts & figures on People Analytics 

  • 84% of business and HR leaders¬†surveyed by Deloitte for its ‚Äú2018 Global Human Capital Trends‚ÄĚ report¬†view People Analytics as important or very important, making it the second-highest ranked trend in terms of importance. 69% of organizations say they are working on building integrated systems to analyze worker-related data.¬†
  • 61% of executives¬†surveyed by PwC for its Big Decisions report indicate¬†their decision-making is only somewhat or rarely data-driven¬†and acknowledge their companies could rely less on intuition and more on data analysis.¬†
  • 92% of employees are open to the collection of data¬†on them and their work in exchange for an improvement in their productivity, their wellbeing or other benefits according to Accenture research on ‚ÄúPutting Trust to Work‚ÄĚ.¬†


People analytics: better insights for better decisions