Despite the tense economic situation, companies are still committed to professional training. Although investment strategies are increasingly focused on cost control, the training of staff remains nonetheless a key issue for companies in the current competitive climate and critical to the professionalization of their teams.

How can you do More for Less ?

Cut training-related costs.
By enabling remote access to training programmes, e-learning enables organizations to significantly reduce the costs related to their implementation: the extra expense of travel and accommodations are eliminated as learners can access their courses directly from their workstations.

Customised learning
E-learning allows companies to boost the efficiency of their training programmes and reinforces teaching by making learners active participants in their education. With its customized solutions, e-learning offers learners the opportunity to advance as fast and as far as they want in their studies.

E-learning software adapted to office and language training requirements
There are e-learning software programmes for office and language training that can be fully customised for tailor-made studies. The programmes can be adapted to the needs and levels of each member of the staff, and their license-based fees enable you to access the various catalog updates at no extra cost.