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The Future of Organizations: Exploring and Restoring the Relationship Between Humans and Work

We the Talent believe this sentiment perfectly reflects the current relationship between humanity and work. By extension, organizations — NGOs, SMEs and corporations — are experiencing a pivotal moment.

In answering a call of our times, our objectives are threefold:

  1. To analyze and understand emerging trends in the world of work;
  2. To decode weak signals that arise therein;
  3. To provide viable alternatives to traditional models.

We believe that our collective approach to, and perhaps very definition of work, can and must evolve. Our ambition is to help change the game. We the Talent — whose very name is inspired by the spirit of unity within the first words of the U.S. constitution — is an open platform, a forum where various points of view converge, even in opposition, where inspiration is born.

As Mark Payne writes in How to Kill a Unicorn: “Ideas are treated not as precious pearls to be polished, but as sparks born of friction.”

Work should be viewed as an opportunity for a person to hone their personal craft as well as enter a contract with their peers to be welcome contributors to the social dynamics of the workplace. The organization must become a place where the needs of the company seamlessly align with the individual’s aspirations and skills.

To reiterate — Work must not be synonymous with sacrificing personal goals for the sake of the organization.

To this point, we realize that visitors here may have two main questions:

  1. Are we idealists? Maybe. But we think there are very urgent, practical reasons to introduce more individual goodwill within the workplace. We strongly believe that people should be rewarded for trying news things, even of their own initiative, regardless of the results.
  2. Why should Talentsoft undertake this initiative? While becoming the European leader of Cloud-based Talent Management and Digital Learning, we have learned many lessons. After all our experiences, we have come to the strong conclusion that now is the time for “traditional” Human Resources to adapt to emerging social trends and take the lead in building new relations with work.

We the Talent are steadfast in our determination to look to the future, with both realism and audacity. We aim to touch upon a wide range of subjects, such as technology, behavior, organization, etc., which impact our relationship to work. We shine a light where humans reside among machines, where uniqueness and individuality thrive, where new social contracts are drawn, and companies reorganize themselves.

Miles Davis may have most aptly described our mission when, pondering his own life achievements, said:

“That was my gift… having the ability to put some guys together that would create a chemistry and letting them go; letting them play what they know, and above it.”

We the Talent strive to one day say the same.