Want a flawless international talent management roll-out? Consider¬†executive endorsement as a major ‚Äėmust have‚Äô feature for your project. An¬†international talent management project must have an official sponsor, with¬†the necessary internal credibility, charisma and authority to drive the project¬†forward.

The sponsor is in charge of explaining the strategic implications underlying the project.

Even without taking an operational role in the project itself, the sponsor must be in a position to communicate powerful messages across the entire organization and arbitrate where needed. Particularly in corporations where divisions in individual countries have autonomy and may not be accustomed to receiving instructions regarding the tools and processes they should adopt.

The Sponsor: A Unifying Role

The sponsor is in charge of explaining the strategic implications underlying the project and getting the message across about where the company is going and what tools are being offered to accompany this transition. A typical project sponsor would be the Group HR Director. But other charismatic individuals may also be the right pick.



A Key Sponsorship

A telling example of successful endorsement is Camus, a French cognac producer founded in 1863, now employing 380 people, with a local presence in France, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Vietnam and the USA. In March 2012, Camus started an international talent management project, initiated by the company’s CEO himself. He endorsed the project and participated personally in the workshops held prior to deployment of every individual talent management module. His commitment drove anticipation among all local HR teams, who took the time to understand the benefits of every module to their work and knew what to expect when deployments were carried out. The project was finalized on time, with all 5 major countries successfully on board.

Maxmara Fashion Group: ‚ÄúThanks to powerful¬†implication and¬†sponsorship from our¬†Director of Corporate¬†Strategic Organization,¬†our international talent¬†management project¬†rapidly gained traction¬†and user adoption.¬†Local teams are turning¬†to the head office for¬†help and advice on¬†how to implement the¬†required processes.¬†There was little need to¬†move in and convince‚ÄĚ.

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Successful international deployment