If offering the right tools and processes to help HR teams better communicate and deliver at the local or global level is the main focus of an international talent management project, providing feedback on how the processes are being used and how successful they are is also of prime importance.

As part of an appraisal process, HR teams need to be able to verify how many managers are involved in the campaign, in which countries and how many employees have been evaluated in this way. It is also necessary to have an idea of the dynamics and overall progress of this procedure, from one year to the other.

In the same way, local recruiters and HR departments need feedback on how many people have applied for a job offer and where they are in the recruitment process. The idea is also to evaluate how successful the recruitment process currently is and offer statistics on how long it takes to recruit at a given time or in a given position.

High level of consolidation

On a global scale, reporting does not necessarily need to be as detailed, but requires a high level of consolidation, bringing together timely information from all across the organization. To make this possible, it is recommended to address reporting requirements from the very early stages of the project, by obtaining feedback from HR teams on what they will need to know. Reporting is often thought…


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