Nowadays it seems as if there is an HR event nearly every week. As¬†Indian poet¬†Avijeet¬†Das once¬†said,¬†‚ÄúWe don’t meet anyone by chance,” and¬†2018 is full of opportunities¬†for HR professionals¬†to meet new people,¬†create¬†new bonds, and learn the trends and best practices you need to be successful.¬†¬†

To help you sort through the noise we’ve put together a list of the top HR events to attend in Europe this year.¬†¬†

Unleash (Formerly HR Tech World) 

Unleash will organize two events in Europe in 2018: London on March 20 & 21, and Amsterdam on October 23 & 24. This is probably the largest global community on the future of work (but beware, We the Talent is coming), has amazing keynote speakers like Arianna Huffington and Richard Brandson, and is the perfect event for looking at how technology and best practices can help everyone reach their full potential.  

Sourcing Summit  

Our favorite¬†recruitment and sourcing event¬†is featuring a small European tour this¬†year¬†(watch out Bruce Springsteen): Munich on April 25 & 26, London on June 20 & 21 and Amsterdam on October¬†10¬†‚Äst12.¬†The speakers give presentations that is equally interesting and practical, and the hackathons show you ways to find candidates that are truly unique. A must attend event for anyone with a passion for recruiting.¬†¬†   

Club Talentsoft 

After a successful 2017 edition in Paris¬†with 1000+ HR¬†pros, Club¬†Talentsoft¬†is taking the show to Amsterdam in 2018! The software provider’s event¬†(shameless plug,¬†Talentsoft¬†is this blog’s mom)¬†will take place at the¬†Beurs¬†Van¬†Berlage¬†conference hall. The former trading center¬†will¬†foster exchanges¬†among top¬†HR leaders about¬†the¬†employee experience.¬† 

The 2018 Employee Engagement Summit  

On May 4 in London,¬†a¬†diverse¬†set of¬†keynote¬†speakers,¬†academics, civil servants,¬†HR professionals, European Commission¬†workers,¬†entrepreneurs, and¬†more¬†will join forces to discuss how to improve employee engagement.¬†The famous Isaac Getz,¬†inventor of the ‚ÄúLiberated company,” will be leading the charge.¬†¬†¬†  

Zukunft Personal 

One of Germany’s largest HR events¬†is¬†set to be better than ever this year.¬†As usual, let‚Äôs all meet up in Koln, on September 11, 12 & 13.¬†September can be a busy time of year, but there’s no excuse for missing out on this one.¬†¬† 

Rethink! HR Tech Europe 

Germany¬†will be hosting another great event:¬†Rethink! HR Tech Europe 2018‚ÄĮin¬†Berlin¬†on November 21-23.¬†You will be able to meet with¬†150+ HR decision-makers to reflect on current and future challenges.¬† 

HR 360 European Summit 

Austria¬†won’t be sitting out of the event game this year. At HR 360¬†you will find some of the¬†Europe‚Äôs biggest¬†HR experts¬†from companies¬†such as Deutsche Telekom, Nokia, ING,¬†and¬†Statoil. This event is specifically geared towards international leaders. Mark your calendar for¬†June 28 & 29!¬†  

HRD Summit Europe 

On May 22 & 23, 300+ HR leaders will gather in Amsterdam. If this year’s speakers are as good as the ones from last year, it is going to be great! 

HR Conference Barcelona 

On October 5, Spains rapidly growing tech city will be hosting the fifth edition of this event. 15 well regarded keynote speakers will be there to show you how to tackle all your HR challenges. 

CWS Summit & Collaboration in the gig economy 

On April 24-25 kill two birds with one stone in London at the CWS Summit and Collaboration in the Gig Economy conferences. The gig economy is going to play a bigger role than ever in HR processes, and this conference will help you know how to tackle it.

Luxembourg HR Summit – Future of HR

Want to see what the future of HR looks like? Go to the Luxembourg HR Summit, that¬†will take place in the European Convention Center on November 20, where many extraordinary HR thinkers will meet. “This is where¬†human¬†capital, business and technology align themselves!”


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