If you haven’t unleashed the power of text messaging in your recruitment process, it’s time. When you recruit with text messaging, you are able to reach a wider demographic of candidates, instantly. If you want to find the top talent in your industry, you have to be able to communicate fast and efficiently with potential job candidates. Texting opens up a line of communication that is preferred over emails and phone calls by younger workers. When you want to speed up and personalize your recruitment process at the same time, you want to add text messaging into your communication strategy. Here’s how:

People Are On Their Phones

With most adults owning a cell phone and these phones being checked constantly throughout the day, this is where your audience is spending their time. Text messages take seconds to look at and they have a 98% open rate. With emails, you can wait days for a response, but text messages are often answered the very same day.

Text messages have a 98% open rate

You Can Personalize Text Messaging

When you use a mass texting service, it’s critical to keep your contact list organized. While you may want to send out mass texts to your entire list of subscribers, you have to keep messages personalized. When subscribers receive too many messages that aren’t relevant to them, they are more likely to opt out from receiving messages from you. Keep in mind who your target audience is for each text message you send and plan your texts accordingly. You always want to provide useful information to the recipient.

Texting is Fast and Efficient

There’s no need for a potential job recruit to stop what they are doing to answer the phone when you use text messaging to reach them instead. Emails are easily overlooked, and there isn’t always the privacy needed to take a phone call about a potential job. HR needs to adapt to the changes and adapt the most efficient type of communication. A recruit can read a text message discreetly, even while they are on break at their current job. You’ll be able to get across short pieces of information to your recruit during business hours, and you are more likely to get a response faster.

Texts Only Take Seconds to Send

Text messages are easy to send, and they are usually read within seconds. When you have important information to share with a recruit, a quick text message is likely to be seen almost immediately. Even if you simply want to say thank you for coming in for an interview, your potential recruit is going to see your message fast. Texting opens up two way communication that is both direct and an efficient use of your time.

When you use text messaging as part of your recruitment process, everything moves along faster. If you need additional information, sending a link to a form to be filled out will get you the answers you need. If you have a policy to share, a link to the policy is easy to send out. No matter what you want to share with a recruit, this can be done through text messaging. Once established, you will be able to recruit the top talent in your industry.

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