How can you take inspiration from individualism, frustration, conflicts, and hierarchical authority?

It’s easy! Simply establish quality, human relationships. Collaboration, active listening, respect … all these are essential elements in contributing to everyone’s wellbeing.

A company may have all the necessary tools and methods needed to operate, but at the end of the day, its performance and success depends mainly on people: those who are out in the field working, observing, and coming up with new ideas.

If we look at how society has evolved in the past decades and the aspirations of today’s employees, it is quite clear that the need for freedom, recognition, personal accomplishment, and everything that promotes wellbeing in the workplace, is a powerful driving force for the transformation of managerial practices.

What are the keys to success?

  • Take advantage of everyone’s talents,
  • Motivate employees,
  • Recognize and promote those with great ideas,
  • Share your knowledge with others,
  • Exercise gratitude,
  • Consider everyone’s suggestions,
  • View mistakes as a learning opportunity,
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities,
  • Share your experiences,
  • Promote autonomy at all levels,
  • Allow everyone to grow,
  • Be open to dialogue and listen actively,

In short, sharing your experiences, creating, innovating and helping each other is a source of energy and efficiency.

We’ve all set out on this adventure together. Each one of us needs to contribute, develop our competencies, find our own sense of meaning in our work, and engage in a win-win relationship.

Recognition, self-confidence, and self-esteem, among many other things, are all essential to human beings and the company!

So, how about we move toward strong human relations together?

“Sharing experiences and competencies promotes
the growth of collective intelligence”

Didier Court


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