With the emergence of Social Media and the multiplication of collaborative tools, the notion of HR Marketing has gone a long way. In just a few years, the number of works dedicated to the subject has increased. Nonetheless, Human Resources Managers are still finding it difficult to implement their Talent Management policies.

After having managed their processes with Excel spreadsheets and other paper supports for a long time, HR Managers are gradually equipping themselves with HRIS and are taking the opportunity to reshape their processes. But no matter the context or environment companies evolve in, manager and collaborator habits will be affected.

While some will easily adapt to these new processes, others will express more reservations about the newly imposed HR rules. New process implementation requires a genuine follow-up plan – no matter the company’s size – which needs to begin before deployment.

HR actors will have to adopt a ‘Marketer’ stance: reflecting on the “HR products” intended for promotion, the favoured “distribution channels” and “promotional campaigns” as well as their HR offer’s segmentation, depending on the different collaborator profiles. HR Departments have to consider adopting a HR Marketing approach in order to facilitate approval of an internal process.

Here’s some advice for achieving transition within your business.

Get equipped!

Many business management teams have been equipped with a multitude of tools for managing their campaigns, analysing their R.O.I
 At a time when the business sector is said to be undergoing digital transformation, HR Managers have no other choice but to equip themselves with a business solution to sustain their processes: Talent Management, policy and process implementation

The HR solution of the company’s choosing must become a genuine « HR Portal». It will be a collaborator meeting point for goal reviews and annual assessment campaigns, but must also be a vector for HR Communication. Hence, do make sure it offers a collaborator/manager portal where all HR Information may be centralised and from which news can be published for your various targets (e.g. the newly employed to ensure their onboarding).

HRIS is indeed a supportive HR tool, but also offers its collaborators a dedicated space for their careers (online profile/CV, assessment interview records, skill mapping, internal eRecruitment, course catalogue

Test your HR processes

In the same way your business tests its products before leading them to market, HR processes should be tested among a representative population related to your business. Do remember to involve different manager profiles (leaders, but also followers, critics
) as well as collaborators (high potentials, newly employed

This field-level return is essential for adhering to your new HR processes. The fact of involving them in the reflection process will encourage their implication and take part in promoting your internal HR processes.

Proceed step by step

A good project management practice consists in having it sequenced; planning must be defined at the beginning of a project according strategic HR orientations. This sequencing is essential in order to avoid process cannibalisation and to obtain the adherence of managers – your main facilitators when it comes to Talent Management policy.

Each novelty must be the occasion for announces or internal events, while conferring gradual promotion to HR novelties. Also provide a communication kit destined to following-up managers, strengthening their mobilization and empowering them.

Generate Buzz around your HR novelties

Within the SWP framework (Strategic Workforce Planning), for instance, lead a ‘pilot’ project with a target (country, population
). This will be subject to enlarged communication via different channels and through the first recipients’ testimonies, valorising career paths

This campaign will generate internal Buzz and raise other the curiosity of other collaborators, who will surely be expecting inclusion within this new process in hope of improved career management.

The success of HR innovation greatly depends on its internal promotion. Redesigning HR processes and implementing HRIS will never be sufficient in itself; HR Marketing is becoming a key step of these evolutions. Small actions can be enough to promote the processes and generate internal adherence. Do not deprive yourselves from it and you will see
 R.O.I. is King!


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