As employers, it is important to support the continual growth of our team members. A key element of this is to ensure that they receive the support they need should they decide to make a return to education.

With the continual bumping up of educational requirements for job entry, it’s not surprising that more and more professionals are choosing to pursue further education. For example, 37% are hiring college grads for positions that had been held primarily by people leaving school.

The decision to pursue further education can have a significant impact on employees’ work performance, therefore it is absolutely essential that everything that can be done is done to support them. The first step is to understand the challenges brought about by combining work and study. Establishing a successful work-school-life balance is no easy task, therefore it’s key to be aware of the challenges so as to better cater to the employee’s needs in a way that doesn’t harm the company.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe asks the question: “working & studying together – can it be done?” It offers an insight into the benefits and challenges of combining work and study and makes suggestions on how to make the best of the situation. This infographic may help you to pre-empt and resolve issues that may come about when a member of your team decides to return to school.

Read the infographic below for more information.





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