Improving Employee Experience is the hot topic of the day as HR Departments know that a positive employee experience is a prerequisite for employee engagement and retention.

But after all the talk and all the hype, what are the actual results? Are employees satisfied with the experience they have at work everyday? What should be improved?

Accenture and Talentsoft are taking stock of the situation with the first annual European Experience survey.

The following infographic provides facts and figures on four key observations:

  1. Employees are aware of and appreciate how management and HR prioritize the conversation, but now they want to see results.
  2. Employees want to be in on the conversation and planning of their new experience.
  3. Employees are actively looking for ways to develop their skills and ensure their relevance within and outside their organizations.
  4. HR definitely wants to engage their workforce, shifting away from processes and toward individual employees’ needs and aspirations.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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