Last June took place the annual Club Talentsoft, where the software provider gathers its ecosystem around cutting-edge conferences, keynotes and workshops to design all together the future of work. This year’s theme was: Design the Talent Journey – Paving the way to personalized work experiences.

Alexandre Pachulski, CPO & cofounder of Talentsoft, gave an inspiring keynote around the topic.

He started off with a quote from Italian politician Antonio Gramsci: “the old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born”. The labor market and our relationship to work seem to follow this statement. This is the kind of situation we are living right now.

Companies need to deal in a whole new way with the workspace, the workflow and the workforce. Basically every things dealing with employee experiences need to drastically change. But nobody knows exactly what we are supposed to design.

Pachulski tries to answer a series of questions to shed light on today’s situation and forecast the future of work:

  • Does work really need to imply self-renouncement?
  • How to define what makes your singularity?
  • Is switching jobs the new norm?
  • Is Universal Basic Income an answer?
  • Is robolution our destiny?

Pachulski ends his keynote welcoming us to the Liquid HR Era, based on French scientist Joël de Rosnay’s work.


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