Every two weeks we will focus on one 2016 HR trend that our experts cited in the ebook entitled “HR Will Be Agile in 2016!”. Today let’s tackle the brain-teasing issue of happiness at work. Is it a reachable dream, or a mere utopia?

While rankings like Great Place to Work flourish all around the world, happiness at work is still considered to be the privilege for a handful of lucky ones. Everywhere people want to choose their job based on their passions, and give a huge importance to the work environment and their relationships with colleagues. However, happiness and work still appear to be an antinomic pair.

Traditional companies seem disillusioned as young workers prefer to join thriving and exciting startups to have a real impact on their environment. Employees are turning to new ways of working as a way to escape from the jaws of traditional salaried systems: freelancing, slashing, entrepreneurship…

But isn’t part of the solution simply better job matching? Talents everywhere are being wasted because they are focusing on the wrong, unfit tasks and projects. Yet, matching tools and methods keep improving thanks to a data-driven thinking: semantic analysis, proactive recruiting, and artificial intelligence—tackle this and you will make your workers happier, more productive and innovative!

If you want to know more about the future of HR, feel free to download the five other 2016 HR trends, as detected by our experts, Alexandre Pachulski, Talentsoft’s CPO, and Yves Loiseau, in charge of Textkernel’s Europe operations.



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