The digital revolution has already drastically changed our tools and businesses, and is now changing the very notion of how we work. In the past, for workers, fulfilment was not necessarily a top priority. But, because almost anything is possible today, including creating your own job, finding true professional fulfilment is now something that is essential to us all.

In this e-book, Alexandre Pachulski, co-founder of Talentsoft and author of Unique(s), examines the major changes taking place in the professional world in 2019. Pachulski explains his 5 HR trends for 2019 which include topics such as rapid skill obsolescence, working with artificial intelligence while ensuring it aligns with our core values, and the need for self-discovery in the workplace.

5 HR trends for 2019

  • Back to School – The majority of jobs that people will occupy in 2030 do not even exist yet. So how can today’s professionals acquire the skills necessary for the jobs we’ll see in ten years? They’ll need to go back to school and will need strong support from their employers.
  • Coexisting with AI – The clear objective of AI is to use this technology as a tool that will benefit human productivity. How? By being transparent about the company’s core values, strategy and objectives in order to properly instruct AI.
  • Using data to understand yourself – Before completely automating certain tasks once and for all, AI will be able to help us, individually and collectively, identify our biases and errors in judgement. AI will therefore provoke self-reflection, leading us to discover ourselves.
  • Finding and exploring the unconventional – Jobs that allow employees to put all of their talents and skills to good use are quite rare. The largest challenge involves identifying an employee’s hidden skills and strengths by analysing interactions and developing models that are compatible with these interactions.
  • The reign of project-based organisation – Employment contracts and job descriptions are too broad and vague to establish who does what in a company. It’s time to start organising work around projects. This will allow companies to respond better to any new problems that they may encounter. Say goodbye to ill-fitting labels and say hello to the freeing gig economy.

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Ebook - HR Trends for 2019

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