Each year we see new HR trends emerge that reshape the way people work. 2018 will be no different. What can we expect and what can we learn from our favorite superheroes about these trends?

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X-Men Style Recruiting

A 2017 study by Glassdoor found that organizations investing in a strong candidate experience improve quality of hires by 70%. Ultimately companies with better hires will outperform their competitors. To this end we expect more companies to move away from generic recruiting programs and towards customized recruiting using CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) tools.

A CRM is similar to traditional marketing and sales tools in that it supports aggregation and organisation of data to help you manage candidate relationships through every step of the recruiting process. It uses automated messaging, dates and reminders, notes, etc. to ensure both candidates and recruiters are always up to date. CRM isn’t just about filling a vacancy, it’s about providing a personalized experience to each candidate, particularly those who aren’t actively applying.

For instance, Marvel-hero Wolverine didn’t apply to join the X-Men.¬†He didn’t even know he was a candidate. It was only after getting to know the¬†team¬†that¬†he agreed to join. The X-Men¬†built¬†a relationship with Wolverine to show him why he should join them. Recruiters¬†will¬†need to do the same with candidates if they want top talent.

Major companies like Yahoo, BuzzFeed,¬†Air France, Facebook, HBO, and Microsoft have incorporated CRM into their recruitment, and more companies are following suit, with a big focus being put on learning how to market to candidates.¬†As talent acquisition expert Jeanne Meister put it: ‚ÄúThe fields of human resources and marketing are merging.‚ÄĚ (Forbes, 2016)

Marketing best practices are¬†now being used on candidates.¬†Yahoo‚ÄĮsourcer‚ÄĮRachel Saunders¬†shared how she makes Yahoo standout as an employer:‚ÄĮ‚ÄúWhen it comes to recruiting, I see candidates as my customers. I want them to have a very special experience with me, something different and better than what they normally have with other recruiters.”‚ÄĮ

For recruiters to convince the Wolverines of the world to join them they will need the right CRM tools. Hello Talent, for instance, helps companies source candidates from any website, aggregate details, and then use emails, dates, reminders, comments, etc. to help recruiters keep in touch, send the right messages, and stay on top of things. Great marketers, salespeople, and X-Men know that a personalized experience is the best way to convey purpose and convince someone of something, and in 2018 HR is going to start using the super power of CRM to do the same.

What can you start doing today?¬†To¬†provide a great candidate experience¬†you‚Äôll need¬†a marketing mindset ‚Äď how to be data driven, how to think in terms of pipelines and funnels, and how to communicate in a way that grabs attention. We recommend sitting with your marketing team and having them walk you through the basics of marketing. Once you¬†know¬†the basics¬†it‚Äôs time to find a CRM tool that will help you add candidates to your hiring funnel and provide them with a quality experience that makes them want to join you.

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From HR to HeRo: What Superheroes Can teach Us About HR Trends in 2018