Do you want your internal mobility program to better leverage the skills and abilities of your employees while also improving employee retention and engagement? With our eBook internal mobility we’ll discuss some things you should and shouldn’t do to make that happen. Internal mobility is an important part of your overall talent management strategy and helps ensure that employees are able to progress in their careers at the right time and with the right roles. A well-executed mobility program motivates employees to stay with the organization longer because they know a wide array of career prospects await them. This increased retention is often accompanied by stronger employee engagement.

When done correctly, employee mobility programs can have positive ripple effects throughout the organization – retention and engagement improve, individual performance, team collaboration, and overall organizational effectiveness improve as well, which in turn leads to significant cost savings and greater innovation. Furthermore, talented external candidates are more likely to choose to work for your organization because they see the positive career prospects available to them there.

Mobility programs can take many forms, the most common of which are geographic mobility, job rotation, mentoring and coaching, functional mobility, and promotional mobility. Geographic mobility allows employees to perform the same job in a different location. Job rotation allows employees to switch responsibilities with other coworkers. Mentoring and coaching pairs a junior employee with someone who is more experienced and provides them training, feedback, and additional growth opportunities. Functional mobility has employees change jobs, but at roughly the same level. Promotional mobility allows for employees to progress to more senior roles and jobs. These different mobility programs are often intertwined and can be applied in a variety of ways.

Regardless of how your organization handles mobility in our ebook internal mobility are 10 do’s and 10 don’ts we’ve developed based on our experience helping clients to build successful internal mobility programs. Download the ebook internal mobility on our website.


Making internal mobility a success

10 do’s & dont’s