Emergency on planet work!

Even though large companies and corporations generate the vast majority of global GDP, it is no hyperbole to say that they face a major crisis. Consider the following figures (Sources: Gallup, Forbes, EFIP):

  • Only 13% of employees worldwide consider themselves engaged.
  • 86% of young workers – the next generation of talent – prefer startups to big companies.
  • From 2004 to 2013, the EU experienced a 45% growth in independent professionals with 93% in the Netherlands and 85% in France.
  • 50% of the American workforce will be freelancers by 2020.

What exactly is happening to the world’s workforce? What is behind this disruption causing such concern for upper managers worldwide? How can a company be sure to retain the necessary talent in order to remain competitive for not only the next five years, but for the decades to come?

To find answers, it’s important to know that as unnerving as these global trends are, they are not universally shared. Here are other statistics (Sources: Great Place to Work):

  • 70% of those who work for what are considered the world’s best organizations describe themselves as engaged.
  • These organizations experience 50% less voluntary turnover than their competitors.

So what do these companies understand that most other ones do not? How are they organized and what strategies do they implement to reach such positive results? What can other companies learn from their success?

This eBook was written for executives and HR directors questioning their surroundings – the ones who are wandering their offices, reading online article after article, desperately looking for answers. How can they stop the bleeding and buck the trend? How can they engage their employees in order to retain talent – without the massive budget Microsoft or Google has?

In other words, how can companies provide a workplace where employees are crawling over each other to get into?



Being Human

Improving Employee Experience and Retain Talent in the 21st Century