Do your employees, like at Microsoft & Talentsoft, wish to be more involved in decision making? Would you like to offer them a cutting-edge digital HR experience? Do your growth and globalization goals include getting rid of silos, transforming, and promoting company culture? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, look no further.

Whether you’re a start-up teeming with Millennials or a company with more structured hierarchy, employees are always pushing for new requirements:

  • Real-time & free access to tools, information, and data
  • Security and confidentiality requirements
  • Online data storage
  • “Cool” tools that are similar to B2C tools
  • Access to internal and external social networks

Companies today face new challenges:

  • Placing clients and employees first
  • Placing innovation at the heart of its strategy

Companies are expected to adapt to these changes by altering the way they function, enhancing tools, and improving the way employees work. This change can best be handled by the HRD, CIO and their cross-functional teams, who are constantly in touch with employees.

This unusual pair will have to collaborate and tackle the issue of aligning employee expectations with the company’s challenges.


Business Transformation

A Considerable Challenge for the CHRO & CIO