An HR manager has a crucial role to play in the development of the organization. Although the HR manager is proficient in the work related to hiring the best talents for the organization, he is also the one that represents the organization and helps in handling all the works of the organization in a well-managed way. He plans and executes all the job-related tasks in an orderly fashion and holds a managerial position in the organization.

The role of an HR is not just limited to planning the hiring and management of the personnel working for the organization, rather it includes establishing a good engagement in the work done by the clients. According to an Employee Engagement study, about 97% of HR leaders across the world have planned to increase the cost of investment for recruiting technology till 2020.

Although every HR manager should possess the required educational qualification and have a smart and systematic way to handle the work assigned to them, there is a need of many inner qualities that must be there in the right HR manager. Some of this wide array of qualities that must be present in an ideal HR that will help in making the organization reach new horizons are given below:

Be Confident and have a Reliable Personality

It is necessary that the HR you hire has the required confidence and is a person on whom you can rely for any type of organizational work. The Human Resources manager must be the one that has self-confidence and is able to influence others with the power of speech or words. People generally trust those people that know how to exhibit power through words.

The HR manager acts as a bridge between the employees and the company and if the bridge is weak and does not have the required confidence to influence others then, the company employees will not be able to express themselves in a proper manner. Also, this will lead to a lack of trust in employees as well as the upper management towards the HR manager.

Stick to time and manage all the work accordingly

The HR manager should be able to manage all the tasks ahead of time that would be helpful in the long run. Time management is essential as it will also help in fostering the same virtue in the other employees. The HR must be committed to the completion of all the works on time. The important thing to remember is the realization that the work will never end and hence it is the sole responsibility of the HR manager to start with the work that is on high priority and will work on other tasks based on their scheduled time of delivery. It will be helpful in keeping the stress levels low while the workload is still high on his shoulders.

Practice Self-Discipline to set an example for others

It is a trait admired by many so as to instill this quality in others as well. If the HR manager comes on time, the whole team would be motivated to replicate this habit and start coming to the office on time. Also, the HR manager should have a professional behavior that can set an example for other employees in the office who do not have an appropriate attitude or display a behavior that is largely unacceptable by the employees. Such a quality is a fancy quality that must be present in all the human resource managers which is a sign of perfect office ethics.

Expressive with a touch of a Mentor

The HR manager of any company is like the guide or mentor that has a passion of sharing all the experiences and information be it good or bad so that he can act as an open end to the employees. Also, the HR must be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and try to resolve all the weaknesses with the help of proper mentorship and guidance provided to the employees. The HR acts as a guide and counselor at the time of need and tries to motivate them to push harder and extend the limits for the work of the company.

Be Sharp and Have a good understanding of the Industry

The organization must ensure that they hire a person for the position of HR who is well-acquainted with the various terms of the industry in which the organization deals in. The candidate that stays up to date with the happenings of the organization and is skilled to understand the main vision of the organization and what way the organization is using to fulfill this chief aim.

It is vital that the HR does a full research on the company’s work culture and environment besides knowing how the employees are sourced or recruited and their management is done. She should be able to guide all the new recruits about the company’s work culture during the orientation process. Not only will it be beneficial for the employees to understand the type of business the company deals in but also paves way for having learnt the main mission of the organization so that the employee can shape his growth in the organization accordingly.

Knowledge of the Company status and maintenance of all analysis

Nowadays it has become important to have a complete data analysis done of all the company’s growth-related statistics and data. If the HR manager is able to easily store, manage, compare and use the company’s data reports in an excel sheet, it will prove to be a convenient way to stand out among other HR managers. Though it was not necessary before to project the numbers for the organization by an HR manager, however with the changing job scenarios, HR managers must also be knowledgeable about using such simple software as part of the company’s work requirement.

Should be Dedicated and Hardworking

HR managers must be able to work under any pressurized situation so that they can turn out to be great dedicated employees that the other members of the company can admire and would want to follow in their footsteps. Moreover, it will be helpful in the long run for the company as the businesses will only lay on strong foundations by the employees that toil hard and over their limits. This will be a good way to handle the work done by the organization in a systematic and timely manner and also is an encouragement for the other employees to strive for the company’s goals on the same note.


Thus, it is necessary that all the companies must select such potential candidates that have such apt and adequate qualities as well as are ready to learn more and practice them for professional and personal development of the individual. Always keep in mind that a smart man may fail while a person who has practiced enough will never fail as he has learnt enough while practicing the skills. These good and strong qualities will work as a magic motivator for those who are aspiring to jumpstart into the field of HR manager as these are the desired traits that the companies around the world are looking for.


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