Every two weeks we will focus on one 2016 HR trend that our experts cited¬†in the ebook entitled “HR Will Be Agile in 2016!”. Today let’s take a look at why HR is the department that¬†must take the lead on digital transformation.¬†

The mere notion of digital transformation is one that remains deeply ambiguous. Even though it was one of the top buzzwords of 2015, most companies struggle to define it. Is it about adopting a digital platform? Partially. Or implementing an internal social network? Perhaps in some instances.

Digital transformation is about more than incorporating new tools or platforms. What it really represents is a significant and rapid transformation to operate in a near entirely digital environment and mindset, which thereby causes managerial, organisational systems, technological systems, and employee relations to be reinvented. Such changes are crucial because they allow companies to retain their competitive edge by operating more quickly and efficiently.

In order for such a metamorphosis to be successful, companies need to appoint a leader to shepherd the new change in. Often the ideal, but unexpected, candidate for this job is the HRD. HR is perfectly suited to manage digital change because the main challenge is not in changing or adding tools, but it is keeping people happy, productive and innovative! Digital transformation is about people, not tools or processes.

If you want to know more about the future of HR, feel free to download the five other 2016 HR trends, as detected by our experts, Alexandre Pachulski, Talentsoft’s CPO, and Yves Loiseau, in charge of Textkernel’s Europe operations.



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