In addition to their ATS, more and more companies are equipping themselves with solutions to multi-post their job vacancy offers at a global scale. The goal? Time-efficiency, of course; but also economy of scale, without a doubt, and the expansion of their distribution scope, absolutely!

Millions of job offers have been published around the world by Multi-posting clients, spanning from start-ups to multinationals. Here are 6 tried and proven tips for successful multi-posting.

I. Anticipate multilingual distribution

As you know, if you are in France, it is expected of you to draft your offer in French. But what about for other countries? In Belgium, for instance, you will definitely have to add a Flemish version to a French job offer.
You should also anticipate your use of job boards: Some will deduct two credits for a single job offer published in two languages, while others will only deduct one!

II. Contractualise with job boards beforehand

Make sure you contractualise with job boards before the international multi-posting strategy is launched. This will enable you to launch your recruitment plan with a harmonised approach and reach your goal on time! Also, don’t forget to plan for global contracts. Some job boards are indeed present in several countries or even several continents.

III. Create job offer templates

Create job offer templates that recruiters from different countries can use as they wish. In addition to being time-saving, they will help you harmonise your corporate communication with the slightest effort. It does however remain necessary to define your multi-posting plans beforehand, even if these may become subject to change.

IV. Keep visibility over your R.O.I.

What are the most powerful job boards? In which countries? What is the recruitment cost? It is essential that you be able to access the detailed statistics of your multi-post in order to adjust your strategy accordingly. For certain positions or countries, a free job boards will, for instance, turn out to be more effective than a paying support!

V. Train your recruiters

International multi-posting implies mastering country-specific legal and cultural frameworks. This is particularly the case if the recruiters who publish the job offers are not located in the same countries. Being familiar with the various publishing tools made available to recruiters is another obvious necessity! Going through a training phase/period (choose one) is a good solution for this.

VI. Assign an internal adviser

If you want your international multi-post strategy to be properly supervised and adopted by your recruiters, it is highly recommended that you appoint an internal adviser/consultant. Unique in most cases and limited to a group of people at the least, such an adviser would, for instance, ensure the follow-up of the previously stated tips!


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