Deadlines can be tight and budgets can be even tighter, but dolling out raises isn’t the only thing you can do to keep your employees’ morale and productivity high. If someone takes pride in their work and strives to do it well, there are several ways to show your appreciation other than a bigger paycheck.

Studies show job satisfaction is the key to creating more engaged, loyal, and productive employees. This article reveals five effective tips for keeping your employees satisfied and more productive without emptying the coffers.

Avoid Excessive Workload

This is the very first tip for a reason. Employers have the tendency of overworking their best employees because they know they can and will get the job done. However, this is a big mistake. Research suggests excessive workload and long hours typically backfires, leading to a decrease in productivity, which is quite the opposite of what you expect.

Therefore, when your best employees achieve a high level of performance, resist the all-too-common urge to pile on more work as they will only feel like you’re punishing them rather than rewarding them for their efforts. By letting them breathe and only assigning reasonable amounts of work instead, they’ll be much more productive and better for your bottom line.

Reward Your Employees

Medical, dental, 401k, and other basic benefits have become the norm, so consider offering other benefits to show your appreciation for their hard work. More vacation days, a free gym membership, extra disability insurance, free lunch, and a surprise day off are just some of the many added benefits and rewards you can provide workers to keep them satisfied and doing their best. So, don’t only meet their expectations: exceed them!

Many times, verbal praise or a simple pat on the back is all that is needed to show your appreciation and receive even more effort. By developing a system of benefits and rewards and consistently showing your appreciation for your employees’ hard work, you’re guaranteed to get their very best.

Provide Training Opportunities

Everyone wants the opportunity for self-development and career advancement. Dead-end jobs with no opportunity for learning and growth only lead to low motivation and less production. Investing in your employees’ training and education will result in wider skillsets, greater job satisfaction, and more productivity.

Education doesn’t have to be formal or costly. For example, online training is both convenient and inexpensive, so consider utilizing educational technology, such as webinars, massive open online courses (MOOCs), digital apps, and so on. You can also send them to industry conferences and seminars or enroll them in language courses. The idea is, the more you encourage their personal development, the more appreciated they’ll feel and productive they’ll be.

Encourage Participation

Participation breeds loyalty and productivity, so make the company’s goals crystal clear and let your workers know they’re an important part of a much bigger picture. In other words, be transparent and make them participate in decision-making processes.

Of course, transparency requires open dialogue and good communication. Saying one thing and doing another will only lead to unmotivated employees. So, make sure you walk the walk and make it a point to ask for their opinion or feedback on company goals, projects, and certain tasks. By making them feel like their opinion counts, your employees will identify with the company, and ultimately be more productive day in and day out.

Be friendly and team-oriented

Distant leaders are rarely the best ones. While remaining professional and not delving too deep into their private lives, get personal with your workers and become friends with them. Get to know them, address them by their first names, and congratulate them on their birthdays. Doing so will show you care and boost employee morale.

Another way to create a friendly work environment and boost productivity is to promote team cooperation. In addition to fostering a relaxed atmosphere, teamwork makes employees work harder. You should also make things fun! Therefore, try organizing fun events for your workers, such as summer parties and teambuilding weekends, to boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

Bottom Line

Happy employees equal productive employees. A good salary is important, but there are a number of ways to see happier, satisfied, and more productive employees. By resisting the urge to pile on the work, rewarding them for their efforts, encouraging education and participation, and creating a fun and friendly atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a much more productive work environment.


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