At a time of “everything straightaway”, rapid learning tools have carved out their place in the last few years in the distance training world. A direct evolution from e-learning content production softwares, the so-called authoring tools, rapid learning tools allow you to create simply and in record times, distance training modules.

What is rapid learning?

Rapid learning is based on a simple principle. It involves mixing the scenario and production stages and replacing them with a single final design phase which is a great advantage for the training manager. A ppt slideshow initially planned as classroom material can thus be used to create an e-learning resource. Rapid learning tools, such as elearning animgallery, enable short transmissive training modules to be produced, (preferably 15-20 minutes), that deal with topics that are often general and routinely updated. The speed of the training modules created by rapid learning is thus contained both in their design and the learning they offer.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of rapid learning ?


Advantages Drawbacks
Simple user-friendly tools to produce rapid learning  Limited educational possibilities
Mass production of distance training modules using existing materials Risks linked to over-rapid production: quality of the scenarios and learning sometimes overlooked
Reduction in production costs Often nearer to information than trainingLimited interactivity 
Reduction in production times  Often over-transmissive approach
Affordable prices for small organisations with limited training departments   
A response to occasional needs   
Ability to create serious games with rapid learning tools   
Compliance with SCORM and AICC standards by many softwares   
In-house production of distance training modules   
Autonomy of the training department   
Quick training in using these tools to become fully independent   

To design your own remote training courses, or to sub-contract their creation, go to the e-doceo website.


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