Special types of training tools are necessary for teaching learners with motor or sensory deficiencies in either normal or specialized classroom environments. Many solutions are now available, both in terms of software and equipment that allow the vast majority of people easy access to computer technology.

Special Software
Numerous software solutions have been developed allowing those with physical disabilities to access computer technology. The visually-challenged, for example, can write and manage Windows software by voice-activated command, thanks to voice recognition software and headsets equipped with microphones.

Special Furniture
Multimedia areas are also being designed to optimize and enhance the use of computer technology for students with disabilities. Teams of designers and ergotherapists have developed special furniture offering greater flexibility. Work platforms can be adjusted via electronic command systems for use while lying down, sitting or standing. Central processing units are directly integrated into the furniture and the table leg is placed in the middle to allow more freedom of movement. With a flat-screen on a swivel arm, the desk can be fully customized.

Thanks to all these new developments, individual workstations or entire classrooms can be especially equipped for a relatively low price.http://www.yanous.com/English.html



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