What is the Microsoft Office Certification Credential?
It is a globally recognized standard that validates office-related computer skills.
The credential validates the level of skills with using the Microsoft Office pack: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.
The training program permits users to acquire, develop as well as to enhance their skills on any or all of these applications.

The benefits
A more efficient use of the software enables the optimization of performance, reducing the time involved in carrying out business-related tasks and, as a result, significantly boosts productivity. Certification validates the level of user skills and is internationally recognized.

For employers
It enables management to boost the productivity of software tools by matching the level of skills with the jobs that employees are called upon to perform. For service providers and suppliers, it demonstrates the company’s committment to training its employees, and serves as a guarantee of the quality of the services offered.

For employees
The credential is globally recognized and enables employees to validate their skills, as well as their level of understanding and expertise in using the Micosoft Office software tools. The training program is DIF-qualified (French goverment measure to encourage continuing vocational training).

Two ways of preparing for the test

–    Self-training, with Microsoft-approved training packs
o    CD-Rom
o    Books
o    Online learning with the possibility of e-tutoring in asynchronous mode (e-mail, for example)
–    At a certified Microsoft training center, by a teacher who is also Microsoft-approved.

The 4 steps

1)  Test your current level of skills with using the applications to find the training program that fits your needs.
For your information:
For Microsoft Office 2007 applications: one level only
For Microsoft Office 2003, 2002 and 2000 applications: two levels, basic skills and Expert
2)   Prepare yourself thoroughly for the certification exam
3)   Purchase an exam coupon and set up a rendevous in a certified center
4)   Take the test in a certified exam center.

Useful links

To test your skills and find out more: www.testoffice.com


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