Last June took place the annual Club Talentsoft, where the software provider gathers its ecosystem around cutting-edge conferences, keynotes and workshops to design all together the future of work. This year’s theme was: Design the Talent Journey – Paving the way to personalized work experiences.

Rockstar YouTuber and entrepreneur Evan Carmichael took the floor with incredible energy to tell us an inspiring story. The story of Pierre the rabbit. Yes, Pierre is French. He used to be happy!

But at school, he couldn’t climb a tree. All he was good at was hopping. And sadly, school focused on teaching him to climb. He spent so much time trying to learn how to climb that he even forgot how to hop.

The point of the story is that HR, and more generally companies, need to learn how to define what are the strengths of their employees, and focus on them!

How do you do that? Well, you start by watching Evan Carmichael’s keynote:



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