What is a HRIS? A HRIS is a Human Resources Information System. It combines Human Resources Management (HRM) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

A HRIS is based on four independent modules, enabling users to carry out administrative tasks as well as those relating to human capital management.

LMS Platforms and HRIS Solutions

There are two options available if you want to implement a HRIS that includes an e-learning component. You can either :
– Choose one of the major HRIS as they all offer an integrated LMS platform module
Deploy a dedicated e-learning platform on a human resources management application

The HRIS / LMS solution you choose should enable you to develop e-learning content that is flexible and easy-to-use. A user without any special technical skills should be able to develop the content and post it directly on the teaching platform.

When choosing a LMS platform, there are a number of operational factors to be taken into account: ergonomics, price, the ease with which the tool can be implemented and adopted, the opportunities offered for creating content, and SCORM standard-compliance.

In the case of a LMS and HIRS connection, the technical criteria are the different communication protocols offered as standards (Batch, SOAP, LDAP, etc.). You also have to be careful about whether you can effectively manage these different services. The key question to ask is whether you can connect an application to the LMS without having to call upon a systems integrator.


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