Traditionally, the retail sector has been facing a much higher staff turnover than other industries. For instance, the Hay Group reported a median turnover rate of 67 percent for part-time retail employees, a 33 percent increase over the year before. That’s one of the biggest challenge the industry has to cope with. One solution can arise from training as a way to engage employees and increase loyalty. As a matter of fact, the 2015 retail sector benchmark report Towards Maturity showed that 46% of retail firms were planning on increasing the size of their training budget in the following two years.

Lacoste – a world-leading fashion brand, spreading over 120 countries with around 10,000 employees – has implemented an ambitious training plan. The crocodile brand launched in 2014 its Retail Academy whose main mission is to develop retail training around 3 categories: brand & product, customer experience, and management. Since its launch, 5,230 retail associates have been trained thanks to the creation of a network of 40 internal trainers. As a result, Lacoste was cited in the first annual Korn Ferry Employee Engagement Awards in 2017.

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How Lacoste Trains its Store Employees