You currently and proudly process more than 1,000 applicants per year and are renowned for your innovative and engaging candidate experience. One day, you come into your office to find the phones have been ringing non-stop due to an “unexpected error”. Candidates are confused because, while uploading their data, they were able to view the personal applications of other candidates. They want to know if other candidates can also see theirs! Applications include CVs, salaries, assessment reports, reference letters — all highly sensitive personal data that can easily be traced back to the individual, and it’s now all out there for the whole world to see.

How could this happen? As you struggle to figure out what to do next, your IT department notifies you that, yes, they are aware of the issue, but they don’t have a technical explanation yet. As the potential implications and ramifications slowly dawn on you, you make a call to your legal counsel.

Your worries are confirmed as they inform you that this data breach can indeed put your company at severe risk for heavy fines and, given your market presence, you can also expect some very unwanted media attention. You’ve spent years building, investing in and perfecting your candidate experience, and now you have a window of less than three days to get the situation under control. Perhaps you’ve already had a run-in with a similar data privacy breach and got lucky. Maybe your IT department was quick to fix it and your customers didn’t seem too disturbed. You are aware of some potential data privacy risks in your organization, but the topic seems complex and you’re struggling with where to start.

If this sounds familiar, what if you could get a quick grip on the topic and minimize the risk of such a potential disaster? Instead of waiting for something to happen, imagine being in control and perhaps even using the potential data privacy breach to your advantage. With The 5 P’s Best Practice Approach, you can strengthen your employee and candidate experience, protect their personal data, and sleep sound knowing your company’s reputation is well protected.

With this ebook, we take you though the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law, which takes effect May 25th, 2018. What are its implications for you? How can you cope with it?


Data Privacy

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