The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2016/679) was adopted on April 2016 and will supersede the “old” EU Data Protection Directive and be enforceable starting on May 25, 2018. In this directive, some new laws apply, and some existing laws are strengthened.

The new GDPR aims to strengthen data protection for individuals within the EU ; address the export of personal data outside the EU ; strengthen the administrative obligations for companies ; harmonize and unify national laws ; increase sanctions in case of non-compliance ; ensure mandatory data breach notification ; appoint Data Protection Officers ; apply new restrictions for consent ; encourage Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) ; and ensure privacy by design.

In that regard, we organize a webinar with Talentsoft’s CTO Joël Bentolila, entitled: “What HR needs to do now to address the major changes in the EU Data Protection?”.

On Thursday 19th at 2pm, you’ll find out the key steps to become compliant with the new GDPR policy!

You will also learn:
  • Basics principles of the GDPR (Art. 5)
  • New and significantly changed concepts
  • Processing on behalf of a controller
  • GDPR and Human Resources
  • Data protection & your HRIS
  • Steps to take action

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EU Data Protection

How can HR address the major changes?