Along with our historical partner, BPI France, and its entity called BPI France Le Hub, we put up an infographic dealing with 3 aspects of how companies can head towards the future of work. Le Hub is a networking platform made to connect large corporations and startups in order to foster long-term collaboration, spark innovation and help entrepreneurs turn small ideas into big realities.

In regard with Le Hub’s core activities, this infographic was built to show how both startups and large accounts are launching initiatives, trying innovative things, and redesigning their processes to adapt to the new digital economy and make the most out of it.

We decided to focus on three main aspects :

  • Recruiting: in order to attract innovative talents, companies need to find innovative ways to trigger interest
  • Training: in order to face planned human obscolescence, employees have to continuously train on a large variety of topics
  • Corporate culture: in order to stand out if the digital hubbub, companies need to leverage new tools to differentiate

We hope you’ll enjoy the infographic (& learn new things)!



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