The use of mobile technology by recruiters and human resources professionals is growing rapidly. They are increasingly realizing that the advanced technology brings benefits not only to them but also to the employees they serve.

Indeed, with the new mobile technology rapidly becoming a way of life for younger workers now entering the workforce, HR professionals are progressively discovering that it is essential to take advantage of it.

Here is a look at some of the driving forces and benefits behind the growing use of mobile HR solutions.

Usage Rate and Outreach

The growth in mobile technology is being driven largely by its increasing use among general population. Estimates are that those who use smartphones now comprise more than 80 percent of all those who have cell phones.

As more and more employees use their smartphones for a wide variety of purposes, they become more familiar with the technology and will be more prone to use it to communicate with HR as well as to access and upload HR information.

Another factor driving the growth of mobile HR solutions is the increasing tendency for business executives to communicate through smartphones with employees and consumers. They do so through social networking applications and mobile-optimized websites.

When it comes to recruiting, HR professionals check out websites such as LinkedIn or use recruitment apps to find employees with the skills they need. It makes sense, therefore, that you should use the same mobile technology that is being adapted by executives and employees alike.


As use of mobile HR technology grows, it will boost the productivity of HR professionals as well as employees in several ways.

As an HR professional, mobile technology can benefit you in many ways. For example, you no longer need to be tied to your office telephone or your desktop computer to answer questions, provide advice or even make decisions.

By making information on work issues, pay and benefits available to employees through their smartphones, you no longer need to spend considerable amounts of time on these issues. Instead you can devote more of your time to planning and other administrative tasks.

In addition, employees can use their smartphones to submit claims, upload expense reports, request time off, and submit timesheets. The result is an overall boost to productivity and efficiency.

Ease of Access

Paperwork hogs business office filing cabinets and desktops and is vulnerable to theft and destruction. Luckily, cloud technology offers an easy solution to this problem.

Storing information on cloud services, such as the popular Microsoft OneDrive, allows a fast and easy access to data such as employee information. The greatest advantage to such services is that uploaded information is not subject to hard-drive or other computer failures. They enable the storage of vast amounts of information that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

If you are a HR manager who is often on the go, you will certainly benefit from cloud technology. Being able to access relevant data from any device, wherever you are, will make your job much easier. Your employees will also enjoy being able to easily see relevant employment data.

Using a smartphone, your employees can access information on taxes, retirement contributions, payroll and benefits without having to call you or jump through hoops. Providing easy access for employees to such information over their smartphones is time-saving and efficient. No longer do you have to rummage through batches of files and paperwork to obtain the information and then to repeat it to them, which increases the possibility of error.

More Effective Recruitment

Considering the fact that 86 percent of jobseekers who have a smartphone would use it to look for a job, it’s safe to say that companies would benefit from using mobile apps for recruitment.

With the help of mobile technology, HR managers can make the recruitment process easier, faster and more effective. Mobile recruitment solutions can enable you to screen resumes, shortlist candidates and even set up interviews when you’re on the go. They can also give you access to a wider talent pool that will help you recruit the best employees.

Final Thoughts

As more and more people use their smartphones for all aspects of their lives, HR professionals are realizing that the technology can improve their services to employees and free up their time to concentrate on other issues, such as planning and administration.

By making payroll and benefits information available within seconds and enabling employees to file claims or submit information easily and quickly, recruiters and HR professionals are adapting in growing numbers to mobile technology.


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