Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players. So many mobile telecommunication tools have become part of our daily lives! Mobile learning or m-learning is the logical consequence of this phenomenon, thus opening up new horizons for distance training.

M-learning: is mobile training the future?

Although e-learning enables training in any place and at any time, m-learning goes further by reaching your learners outside those places where they usually have access to their training. A means of training suited to a young target audience which is familiar with new technologies.
Although m-learning is growing quickly, it cannot deliver the same training content as distance training on traditional PCs. The content and form of m-learning courses must be examined and optimised for remote distribution using tools with different technical characteristics.

5 good reasons to use mobile learning

Make the best use of Web 2.0 within a community logic
– Ideal for carrying out training exercises
– Develop new activities thanks to the features offered by mobile ICTs (photo, film, email, chat, calendar, calculator, social networks, etc.)
– Propose a new kind of distance training using an everyday device
– Dematerialise the boundaries of the training space

The m-learning that has been talked about for the last 2 years has been so far more of a marketing argument than an educational reality. However, with the arrival of tablets which in some cases are taking precedence over PCs, the trend could be quickly reversed.

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